Welcome to Quinn’s Garage!

We invite you to take a sneak peak at a new television show coming your way soon. The show is a grass roots program that follows family and friends engaged in pursuing adventures that center around wheels, engines, and music. Quinn’s Garage is an entertaining television show that invites people of all ages and backgrounds to come along for a ride each week, and that ride will begin and end at Quinn’s Garage.

The host of our show is Benny Quinn, a successful Mastering Engineer with over 30 years experience on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. Benny’s love for great sounding music and engines is the rhythmic heart of this show. Family, friends, and even a few celebrities will accompany Benny for an entertaining ride that viewers everywhere will find embraceable because of its “down home” nature. Nashville, Tennessee and its beautiful surroundings will serve as the backdrop for weekly rides on dragsters, choppers, dirt bikes, ATVs, 4x4’s, and other rides that will surprise viewers.

“I don’t know everything about anything,” admits host Benny Quinn, “but I do know a little bit about a lot of things. I’m just like ya‘ll I’m an ordinary guy who is tired of flipping channels and hearing bleeps throughout the shows found on television today. The most important thing about this show to me is that Mom and Dad can sit the whole family down without worrying about the rating and know that they will all be entertained.”

Benny and his production staff have a definite view about the show’s content. The Quinn’s Garage crew will create great stories that will never imitate some of television’s other “cookie-cutter” programming. Wheels and engines may be the focal point each week, but the overall content and theme of the show is informational, family-oriented entertainment for all ages.

One part of the show that will draw viewers in is a weekly segment that follows the beginnings of the Quinn’s Garage Racing Team. In our inaugural season, we will watch a girl and boy compete to become the first member and driver of Team Quinn Racing and the Team Quinn Junior Dragster. They and the viewer will both find out there is much more to being a good driver than just knowing about wheels and engines. Benny will teach them the responsibility, safety, and drive required to take the wheel in Team Quinn Racing and show them how that mirrors life itself.

In Benny’s words, “I hope ya’ll will come along for the ride or at least stop by. I fully expect to learn a lot of new and fun things right along with the viewer. So come on over and visit us here at Quinn’s Garage.”

Episodic Briefs : Season 01

The Beginnings Of Quinn's Garage
We explore the past, present, and future of Quinn's Garage. We take a trip with Benny Quinn to his father's house to look at memorabilia from the first Quinn's Garage. We then go back to the mastering suite to see Benny at work and learn more about his history in the music business.
Burnin' Rubber
Benny takes a trip down to his favorite drag strip to try out the latest modifications to his super pro door slammer. We get to meet the track operator Ed Brooks, take a few runs in the cockpit with Benny, and see the latest craze to hit the local drag strips in decades – Junior Dragsters.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny introduces us to the young man and young lady that will be competing to be the first member of Team Quinn Racing.
Diggin’ Up The Dirt With The Family
Benny meets up with his brother Jeff and nephews Matthew, Andrew, and Coleman for several runs on their dirt bikes. We get to see great countryside and are introduced to some ranches that we just might see again in the future. It’s a great time with family and friends on knobby tires in the beautiful Tennessee hills
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny and our contestants take a trip to pick out and bring back the Junior Dragster they will be competing with.
Jack ‘Iron Man’ Ingram
We are introduced to Jack Ingram, 5-time BUSCH Series Grand National Champion and one of the Top 50 Drivers in NASCAR history. Jack takes Benny behind the scenes of a BUSCH series race and then down in the pits for race day. It’s the kind of trip only an ‘Iron Man’ can take us on.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny teaches the contestants the rules of transporting the car and introduces them to the safety features and gear they will use.
The Kids Take The Lead
We take a trip back to the race track for our first Junior Dragster event and let our Team Quinn Racing contestants see first hand what it takes to make it from the shop to the track and back. During our trip to the race track the contestants each try to get a leg up on the other competitor by seeking secrets from other Junior Dragster drivers.
Real Horsepower
We take a trip out to Running Springs Quarter Horse & Cattle Co. to see how they put horsepower to work and play, both with wheels and without. We’ll see decked out trailers, big trucks, tractors, and more equipment used for both work and play.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: The kids learn from Benny all the steps and procedures they will perform with the Jr. Dragster. Benny explains that they lose some of their senses as they accelerate down the track, so learning all the steps is vitally important.
Hawgs On Fire
Red Ray and Bob Tottie have long been racing friends of Benny’s, and this week they take him back to their R&B Cycle shop in Nashville to show how they build and modify their screaming hot nitro top fuel Harley drag bikes.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: The contestants make the trip back to Quinn’s Garage. Benny teaches them the maintenance that follows a run at the racetrack.
Finding The Roots Again
We follow Jack ‘Iron Man’ Ingram to the local round tracks and are introduced to the real weekend warriors. While we are there amidst the smell of burning rubber and gas, we hear Jack make a startling announcement!
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Our Team Quinn candidates are introduced to the tough sell of finding a sponsor or two. They also discuss a paint scheme for the dragster…each with their own individual idea of how it should look!
The Metric Revolution
Benny takes us over to Don Gray Customs to see the new Metric Revolution choppers that Don and his crew are building. We also get to see the picturesque side of the Nashville area as we ride these beautiful custom bikes down the interstates and scenic back roads of middle Tennessee.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny and his young protégées go to the track for some test runs. Benny shares his ideas about what he is looking for in his first member of Team Quinn Racing.
The Dirt Road
Benny introduces us to Rusty McFarland, former Pro Motocross rider. Rusty, an audio engineer from the Memphis music scene, lets us tour his shop where he restores antique bikes and builds street bikes.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: We continue our Jr. Dragster test runs with both contestants. Benny hints of something special on the horizon for Team Quinn Racing.
Crawling Out
It’s rock crawling and mudding with the Tennessee Off Road crew on ATVs and BIG TIRE trucks. We’ll climb the Tennessee hills and throw mud a country mile!
Team Quinn Racing Segment: We follow our tired kids back to the shop and watch them put away the dragster they both want so bad. Benny critiques both drivers and gives his observations of their performance. He gives them a hug and announces the Inaugural Team Quinn Racing Junior Dragster Invitational!
Musical Motors
Benny takes us down the road from Quinn’s Garage to a farm owned by his good friend Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy shows Benny some personal engines and wheels used on his farm and some unique places that inspire his songwriting. They take a Harley ride down the Natchez Trace Scenic Parkway. [Subject to artist availability.]
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny has a tough decision to make. He reviews the highs and lows of each candidate and makes his decision, which he will announce next week.
Junior Dragster Finals
It doesn’t get much bigger than the Inaugural Team Quinn Racing Junior Dragster Invitational. Benny announces his pick to be the first member of Team Quinn Racing. Our winner gets to compete and we see the results of all the hard work. We also get a sneak peak at some of next season’s highlights!

Episodic Briefs : Season 02

It’s A New Season!
There are lots of exciting adventures awaiting us at Quinn’s Garage this season. Benny is going to not only show us some of his new toys and some highlights from our new season, but also update us on Team Quinn Racing.
The Rhythm Of The Road
Benny takes a ride on his Harley Ultra Classic bagger down to Atlanta to see his good friend, CMA recording artist Travis Tritt. Travis shows us the motoring spots in the Atlanta area as the boys catch up and do some riding. [Subject to artist availability.]
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny and Jack ‘Iron Man’ Ingram talk about their ideas of building a new NASCAR late-model sportsman racecar for Team Quinn Racing.
The New Kids On The Block
Benny takes us to a new drag strip to catch up with our Team Quinn Racing drivers to see how their Junior Dragster season is going and give them some timely advice.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny and Jack decide on a chassis for the Team Quinn Racing late-model sportsman racecar.
Smokin’ Diesels
Benny shows us a shop in Brentwood, Tennessee that does custom upgrades to diesel trucks like the Ford duelly he pulls his dragster with. The guys make some suggestions for Benny’s truck and show us some of their performance innovations that allow these diesel powered trucks to create some fantastic burnouts.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny and Jack visit Jack’s favorite engine builder and discuss the motor and transmission to be used in the new late-model racecar.
Four Wheelin’ For Beginners
The Quinn’s Garage cameras follow Benny as he takes some young guys and gals for their first ride on a 4 wheeler. Benny shows the youngsters that they have to take their time, learn the proper steps, and keep safety in mind in order to have a great time on ATVs.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Back at Jack’s shop we begin the assembly process of the race chassis for our late-model racecar.
Star Power/Horse Power
This week we take a trip to actress Jennifer O’Neal’s horse ranch to get a look at how she and her husband Mervin Louque use conventional and modern horsepower to keep their farm running. We also take a quick run over to Douglas Corner Café, which Mervin owns, to see and hear some of the best songwriters in Nashville.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny and Jack decide on a body style, and they begin fabricating and hanging sheet metal on our new late-model racecar.
Hawgs On The Plains
We take a trip out west to Wichita, Kansas to see the Big Dog factory where Benny’s chopper was built. Benny also takes us to R&B Cycles to visit Red Ray, the Nashville Big Dog dealer, where we’ll see some hot new rides he has on display.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny and Jack visit our engine builder to check on the progress of our new race engine.
Good Sounds
We take a short ride across Music City in Benny’s pro-street 1951 Ford pickup to visit Gene Johnson of Diamond Rio, who builds and restores vintage cars. Benny takes us for a look at some really gorgeous classic rides, and he gives us a peek at Gene’s latest projects. [Subject to artist availability.]
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny and Jack install the motor and transmission to ready our racecar for testing.
New Age Burnouts
Dragsters are the subject of this week’s show as we meet Benny’s friends Jimmy and Jamie Winter. The Winters are a father and son drag racing team who accompany Benny for a trip to the straight track for some super gas and super pro action, with a high-tech twist.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny and Jack arrive at one of Jack’s favorite race tracks for some testing on the new late-model racecar.
Bump Up Your Ride
Benny takes us for an interesting trip to a custom garage run by his friend Kenneth Clinton. Kenneth builds pro street custom rides and has some eye-catching action to show us, like his innovations in hydraulics and low rider trucks.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: After Benny and Jack’s initial test session, we return to the shop for some tweaks to improve the performance of the new racecar.
It’s The Kids Night Out
It’s time for the Second Annual Team Quinn Racing Junior Dragster Invitational down at U.S. 43 Drag Raceway. We get to catch up with our Team Quinn Racing Junior Dragster members to see if they are ready to take the title!
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Benny and Jack speak with the sponsors of our new late-model sportsman racecar to get their ideas on the new paint scheme. We then arrive at our painter’s shop for the final design.
Dirty Hawgs
One of the hottest new drag racing events is Harley dirt dragster action. Benny takes us to see Milton Travis and his son as they team up to run one of these nitro-burning ‘hawgs’ and kick up the dirt at the motorcycle dirt drags.
Team Quinn Racing Segment: Before the big race, Benny and Jack return to the track for final testing of our Team Quinn Racing late-model racecar.
Round and Round She Goes
It’s the end of preparation for the Team Quinn Racing late-model racecar. Jack goes out to qualify for tonight’s race. Benny and the rest of the Quinn racing team are there to lend support as Jack climbs in the driver’s seat for a memorable run.

Benny Quinn

A native of Nashville, Benny grew up working and playing on his grandfather's farm. Although he spent most of his childhood in rural Nashville, his musical diversity is far from limited to country music.

Throughout his high school career, he played football and baseball eventually attending college on a baseball scholarship. He currently enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson, racing his drag car, and playing baseball with his nephews. But, his biggest joy is producing and working with a variety of artists and producers.

In college, Benny had plans to be an accountant, but he accidentally fell into the music business and never left! His first position in 1975 was with Dominion Records, producing, selling, and promoting a syndicated broadcast, "Hank Williams and the Drifting Cowboys." Working with this show was all the encouragement he needed to delve into the music business.

At Nashville Record Production, Benny was introduced to the mastering business. He was then offered a position as chief mastering engineer and general manager of "The Lacquer Place" in 1979. Four years later, he moved to Masterfonics, where he's been mastering and producing ever since.

In 1995, Benny had the privilege of working on a Keith Whitley project, which involved cutting new tracks around Keith's existing vocal. He recalls, "It was a challenge to get everything to work precisely, but it was such an honor to be trusted with the project."

Through his love for racing, Benny landed a project for Winston Cup race fans that involved producing an entire album. (He even co-wrote some of the songs on the album.).

Over the last 25 years, Benny has worked with greats from every genre of music, from Porter Wagoner to Eric Clapton, DC Talk to Aaron Copeland, Cyrille Neville to Elvis Presley, and Isaac Hayes to Bill Monroe. He has a love for and experience with every kind of music. With this kind of diversity and 25 years of experience, he puts mastery into being a master engineer.

Quinn's Garage Sponsors

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